My grandmother taught me how to knit as a child. Over the years, knitting was an on and off thing, never serious. So before I could follow a pattern, the desire to design knitwear has been with me for years. I started in high school designing and knitting an oversized sweater and countless scarfs. As my knowledge grew, I learned more about gauge, blocking, and wonderful things about hand dyed yarn…woo wee!

Designer Joji Locatelli and my dear friend Rosalind taught me so much about yarn. Joji has impeccable taste in yarn and has no clue about her role in my learning. Rosalind schooled me in dye lots, local yarn shops and all the online sale spots. Many thanks, ladies.

In 2012, I started knitting on the commuter bus and I learned to follow a pattern so designing became easier. I work as a software architect and I write training guides to support customization’s in the product.

Knitting is my hobby and I love to share my designs.

Photo Credit Lisa Novitsky

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