Photos by Lisa Novitsky. Metes and Bounds Scarf & Ain True Love Shawl

As a child, my grandmother taught me to knit. By high school, I quickly became bored and attempted to design my own 1980s oversized-sweater style. I failed and put the needles down, but I continued to possess a creative urge. While pregnant with my daughter, I picked up knitting again. I became serious about learning the craft, and I began taking classes online and at local yarn shops. My focus since then has been the creation of high-quality patterns, and my work has improved after working with a knitwear editor. I consider myself an accomplished knitwear designer and fiber artist.

My professional life as a software architect has afforded me an additional outlet in which to be creative. As a software architect, I examine processes, analyze thousands of data points, and determine what can be improved. A person may think that there is no a creative outlet within process and data analysis, but such work requires designing creative solutions. I also communicate my software designs through technical writing and classroom training. I have conducted many hours of training in classrooms, desk side, and webinars.

New Design December 2021
Passing Clouds
Mother of Motors published in Nomadic Knits Issue 7

Mother of Motors photos by Lisa Novitsky

What an exciting time. My first publication and great collaborators.

Equally Yoked

Selected for Modern Daily Knitting March Madness in 2019 Round 1.