Shortly after my last blog post my preteen daughter lost hearing in both ears. Upset and angry at myself for not realizing sooner. The weeks and days before there was lots of repeating on my part that ended in groundings.

After coming to terms with the hand we were dealt, I booked a trip to Paris for Thanksgiving. I wanted to end the year on a positive note. So I picked a location from my bucket list.

My first stop after a quick breakfast was to La Bien Aimee a local yarn shop in Paris. I was unaware Amy was an American. What a dream…the shop is wonderful and right in the back her and an associate dye the wonderful yarn.

The trip was amazing. Removing us from our normal routine. Not speaking the language led to lots of pointing to maps and menus items. This off putting experience of not being able to communicate led to greater understanding with my daughter. The inspiration from the museums provided a new perspective and thanksgiving.

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