Not trying to go down the Witchy Woo path but let’s embrace the Woo Woo for a minute.   The Woo Woo is unexplained higher power or the spiritual world.

I was inspired to create my first poncho, Guided By Geneva using Malabrigo’s Caracol.  The yarn has a celestial form and feel, it’s quite heavenly.  The bulky yarn guided around thread reminds me of the many spirit guides around us. Or my grandmother guiding me.

The night my grandmother transitioned, I had a dream of her. She sat at the foot of my bed and told me everything was going to be alright and she would always be with me.  I felt overwhelming love then saw a bright light take her away.  I woke in tears and could not move. At some point I went back to sleep. The next day in school I learned she dead.

Guided By Geneva is in her honor. It’s an easy boho poncho. It knits up fast and very forgiving of mistakes.

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