Recently, for work I had to travel to another work site out of the local area.  On the way down I made a stop to a local yarn shop so my GPS did not lead me to the work location. The ride down was expected.

However, my return trip my GPS kept trying to take me off the main route. The GPS kept recalculating the route. At about the fourth recalculation I started to doubt myself. I wondered since I did not travel directly down was my GPS trying to avoid construction or an accident. 

I finally gave in and followed the GPS. Immediately, I ended up in the hood. I felt comfortable enough to make a quick 7-11 stop. Once out the city the scenic route was beautiful. But far less traffic stops and more farm land. 

Then I turned into a road in the middle of a corn field. The road went on for miles. I had no radio or cellphone signal. At this point I was scared. What if I had car trouble or it was nighttime? Oh God, now I had to pee. 

I drove about 40 miles before finding a convenience store but no public restrooms. At this point I had to have faith that the GPS was correct. Just like our GPS we get direction and guidance in life. We can choose to ignore the direction but it’s going to recalculate to get us in the right direction And even know I was in parts unknown to me it was known to someone.

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