Lesson learned; have a backup plan to the plan and have a way out.

In working the lace section of my latest shawl design, I find my work completely off the needle for a second time. Honest, this is one of my fears in knitting. 239 stitches that must be picked back up, put on the needle in the correct direction and accounted for in its section for the lace.

As I sit here, collectively and quietly losing my dang mind. I must warn my child to keep away from my room and bed because I got live stitches loose. MY KNITTING IS OF THE NEEDLE!

I don’t want to take my frustrations out on her. The many swatches could not prevent my mistakes. Ok, things went wrong. I had a lifeline. But as I made progress, I moved the lifeline along. In the past, I have ripped out near completed projects to avoid this misdirectional nightmare in stitches.

But like anything you are forced to undergo repeatedly you improve. My lesson learned have two lifelines. One at the start of the lace section and a second to move along the work…lesson learned.

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