On the eve of the next release of my new shawl design. Today, I ran my first for free promotion, now that all my knit patterns are for fee. The promotion is on my last shawl design Clearing Place. The promotion runs 24 hours. It’s been shy of 1500 downloads since 10:30 am this morning this is within six hours.

The latest shawl design is called A Paris Requite it is a thank you gift to our new wonderful friends. At a gathering at our friends home, I shared we would be traveling to Paris for Thanksgiving 2016 for the first time. I learned our friends travel to Paris several times a year. And without hesitation our new friends provided two day passes for the museums for all the members of my party without cost.

This gift was valued at near five hundred dollars.  Sometimes a repayment has to be greater than a simple thank you and something money cannot buy. This uniquely designed shawl features hand dyed yarn from Eden Cottage Yarn from the United Kingdom.  The drape and flow of the shawl is feminine and refined.

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