In October 2017, I had set my knit design goals for 2018. But I try to leave room to go with the flow (new for me). So end of December the itch to learn something new came up. Usually, I can satisfy that itch designing something in the desired interest area.

I was shocked, that I wanted to knit someone else’s pattern. Over the last two years, I had lost the desire to knit someone else’s work. The only exception was as a test knitter for Catitlin ffrench, Hear The Hornet shawl. One, love her work and two love Wu-Tang…win-win.

Learning Fair Isle on this Boden Poncho by Nice & Knit made it fun. My intentions was to design a colorwork pattern and I have my share of books. But wrestling with tension and managing two no three yarns. Talk about concentration and Lifelines. Don’t want to be designing at the same damn time…

Looking forward to where 2018 leads. Happy New Year.

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