In the Ray Charles movie, as he was trying to find his style of voice. When confronted in studio that his style was just like everyone else’s. Ray questioned, “I thought you liked, what I do?”

My next shawl release, I started off testing a concept with the intentions of ripping out after seeing, what it looked like. Instead, I decided to “make it do what it do.” And for those not up on urban vernacular “the act of making something do it’s intended function.” Thank you Urban Dictionary.

So in knitting this shawl I played with yarnover directs right and wrong side just to see how it looked. Tested increases and decreases in several ways for growth and shaping.

While some things are time tested knitting traditions. I define my style as modern at times, luxurious in yarn selections, and minimalist with clean design elements. This shawl is a sampler, yet beautiful. It’s a free release so you can “make it do what it do.”

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