I usually start goal setting in the fall of each year. My goals for 2018 were no different. One of my goals is to have editing done on my published patterns. It took me months to locate an editor without a referral. Then one day on Instagram, a designer I follow shared she stayed in the home of a friend who is a editor.

Who knew when I set this goal to improve my writing it would overflow into my job. I recently, started working in a new office that deals in a high volume of written communications that’s very visible; something I’m not accustomed too.

So the process of editing me was happening simultaneously by day at work and in the evenings at home. Both individuals helping me have different styles, one good cop and the other bad cop. And just know, if I could write you in all emojis and lowercase, I would.

Honestly, I never thought editing me would be a lot of work, just a few tweaks here and there. Talk about whipping a person into shape. Many of my issues are consistency in style and writing protocol as follows:

  • Row 1 (RS) –
  • Row 1(RS)
  1. (RS) –

Those issues along with stitch abbreviations were easy to correct. What was not easy was the editor was looking at my photos;  reviewing stitch types, counting rows and number of stitches then reconciling it to my pattern.

Talk about someone calling all your personal monkey’s out of the circus and each monkey acting a doggone fool (sigh and hard eye roll).

Over the last few months, I have been subject to protocols, nuances, and pet peeves. All this has been taxing but well worth it. My work has taken on a new life; its clear and concise. I am humbling myself to learn a midst my limitations.

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