At times life can get away with us. Whatever your daily life looks like; working, commuting, caregiving or school. The last ten months have seen 3 moves, downsizing half my possessions, one contract change, two new roles at work, one new license, three failed certifications, four pattern re-releases, one pending new pattern release with two knitted samples by my hands. It’s been a lot!

It feels like, I have been standing still with the world spinning around me. But in reality, I have been an active participant. So now, I am relearning how to just BE. One of the constants in my life has been the rhythm of knitting and learning colorwork.

The Boden Poncho has seen me through seven of the last ten months. It was to challenge myself and provide a distraction from work in December 2017. Deep in a job search with a toxic atmosphere at work due to possible layoff fears.

Once the colorwork of Boden was complete the knitting turned to a simple knit in the round that took the pressure off the day during. I’m happy this knit project has come to an end just like the last ten months.

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