After, frogging a project repeatedly. A good friend, once told me, “let the yarn tell you what it wants to be.” At the time, I thought the advice was silly. Let the yarn tell you what it wants to be? The yarn in question, the ply started to separate. I was upset because this was expense and hand dyed yarn. The yarn still sits in my stash.

My current project on Juniper Moon Farm, Findley DK was another such project that I  ripped out; not once but twice. The second design on Findley DK, I completed but hated the look. So I ripped it out and returned the yarn to my stash.  Several years passed and the yarn was still calling me. Hmm, let the yarn tell you started to make sense.

This summer, I pulled out Findley DK from my stash and started a new design. Halfway done with the knitted the sample, I was infatuated.  The colorwork was coming together perfectly. The yarn did tell me what it wanted to be.

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